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Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit, Covers 10 feet – Reviews

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How It Works

Higher top quality Stainless Chicken Spikes are a hundred% effective at stopping pest birds from landing, nesting, or roosting on picked surfaces. By installing the spikes on surfaces in which pest birds like to perch an uninviting, annoying, & overwhelming barrier is established, forcing them to relocate. Stainless steel spikes are humane and only have to have a single software for a long time of efficacy.

Pests Repelled

Stainless Chicken Spikes efficiently repel pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, & swallows among a lot of other pest birds.

Where by to Use

Stainless Chicken Spikes are effective wherever they are utilized this sort of as households, garages, rooftops, windowsills, signals, billboards, ledges, playgrounds, beams, yards, gardens, gates, fences, barns, & far more.

Set up

Set up for Stainless Chicken Spikes is effortless and can be finished with bird spike adhesive, nails, screws, or ties. The adaptable foundation of the spike strip enables these spikes to be installed on straight, curved or uneven surfaces. When utilized properly, Stainless Chicken Spikes are a hundred% effective in repelling birds 24/7. Quality can final a lifetime with stainless steel materials that will not corrode or decay, obtain of this products consists of a 10 yr manufacturer’s guarantee. This set consists of 10 linear toes of stainless steel spikes that measure four.5” deep (for 5” effective depth coverage), despatched as 10 a single-foot linear segments.Finest-Advertising Stainless Metal Spikes provide 10 toes of coverage
a hundred% Helpful, protected, lasting answer
Chicken control spikes stop pest birds from landing on surfaces
Versatile foundation for mounting on curved & uneven surfaces
10-Calendar year Bundled Guarantee