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Do it yourself Painted Stencil Rest room Flooring

DIY Painted Stencil Bathroom Floor

This painted stencil toilet flooring challenge entirely altered the look of the room. It was a large amount more affordable than re-tiling the flooring, as well.

It’s the do the job of Mallory and Savannah of Stylish Muddle. They made use of chalked paint in black and white for a daring contrast to match the significant, eye-catching flower pattern of the stenciled layout.

Stick to along to see how they made this awesome painted stencil toilet flooring.

Painted Stencil Tile Flooring

Bathroom before getting a painted stencil floor makeover

Our toilet was just plain and had no actual character to it. It was not negative, but it was not excellent possibly. For a speedy, effortless and low-priced deal with-carry I made the decision to paint the now existing cream tile with a pleasurable stencil and some chalk paint.

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Phase one: Clear the Flooring

Mineral spirits for cleaning a tile floor before painting

The dirt picked up by washing with mineral spirits

Clear the flooring and the grout utilizing mineral spirits and a rag or sponge. I cleaned and scrubbed the grout and the tile both of those 2 times to make absolutely sure that it was really clear. This will help with cleansing and prepping the tile for the paint. The improved you clear, the improved the chalked paint will stick to the tile.

Phase two: Paint the Base Color

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

Painting the base coat of a painted stencil tile floor project

Working with a paint roller and a paintbrush, do the initial coat of chalked paint.

Bathroom tile floor with black chalked paint coverage before adding painted stencil design

For the foundation colour of the flooring I made use of the Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in Charcoal. I did two coats of the foundation colour permitting them to dry completely in concerning coats.

Phase three: Lay the Stencil and Paint the Style

Stencil lying on a tile floor

Painting the stencil design on a tile floor

Use painter’s tape manufactured for sensitive surfaces to hold the stencil down the place you want it to be. I made use of the previous tile as a guide, lining up my edges to make absolutely sure I stayed correctly straight.

Setting up in the again left corner of the toilet, I labored my way to the doorway, square-by-square, portray the stencil layout.

Painting a stencil design on a bathroom floor

Working with a little stencil foam roller, I used a quite little amount of money of Rust-Oleum White Linen Chalk Paint on to the roller. Also a great deal paint on the roller could lead to the paint to leak below the stencil, ruining the clear edges.

Begin with a slim coat of paint and then do two coats if required. Never pull up the stencil until finally you like the protection of the chalk paint. Usually, it’s heading to be challenging to line it up if you require to use a next coat.

Phase 4: Touch Up the Painted Style

Painted stencil design before touch up

Following the flooring was fully stenciled and dry I did require to go in with the little paintbrush and do a couple of touch ups on the edges.

Some of the stencil sections needed to have a little bit far more protection, as well. I made use of a little brush to touch up those regions as perfectly.

Phase 5: Seal the Painted Flooring

Minwax Polycrylic

Painted stencil floor sealed with polycrylic

Following I was fully pleased how the paint seemed I used two coats of polycrylic to seal the painted flooring.

I paid specific consideration to the regions about toilet, the sink spot and the shower. Those people are areas for likely drinking water splashes, so I wished them perfectly sealed. I made use of a satin finish for the reason that I did not want the flooring look really shiny or shiny. But you can use any finish you want.

The Accomplished Painted Stencil Rest room Flooring

DIY Painted Stencil Bathroom Floor

I am over and above thrilled on how the painted stencil toilet flooring turned out. For less than $50 I was ready to consider a dull previous toilet and switch it into one thing pleasurable with a ton of character.

DIY Painted Stencil Tile Floor

I really like that Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint can be made use of in so many different techniques. The tremendous matte finish seems good on the previous tile.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint on stenciled tile floor

Examine out this complete toilet expose as well as you can see the unique chain pulling toilet and inexperienced wooden trim that was in the toilet when we moved in and all the other facts about this toilet on our Web site Stylish Muddle Right here.

You can come across all the elements you require for the painted stencil toilet flooring project in The House Depot’s Paint Department.

Stick to our All About Paint board on Pinterest for far more portray concepts and inspiration, and check out our more Do it yourself tasks here on The House Depot Web site.

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