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How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet

The quickest way to improve your bathroom’s model and operation is to update the self-importance. The good thing is, with the ideal equipment and know-how, it is less difficult to Do it yourself than you imagine.

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet



Stage 1: Switch Off Drinking water

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Turn Off Water

Switch off drinking water source strains by turning the oval shaped knobs clockwise.  This is will be certain there’s no drinking water flowing into the pipes. Then, turn on the fixture to launch any drinking water from the strains.

Stage 2: Disconnect Plumbing

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Disconnect Plumbing

Applying an adjustable wrench, disconnect the source strains. Disconnect the drain pipe at the P-lure (the bend in the drain line) applying Channellock pliers. Put rags or a significant bowl/bucket under the P-lure to capture any drips. Also, stick a rag in the drain hole to avoid any sewer gasoline seepage although you are operating.

Stage 3: Prep for Removal

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Prep for Removal

With the current plumbing disconnected, prep the cabinet for removing. Applying a utility blade, cut any caulk between the cabinet and the flooring/wall.  You may want to pry up the countertop for better entry to the cabinet interior. Upcoming, use a drill to unscrew all fasteners that have been securing it to the wall.  Slowly pull the old self-importance out to avoid damaging the partitions and flooring. Now is also a good chance to make any repairs to current flooring or moldings.

Stage four: Prep New Products

Unbox all your new merchandise and organize them for a worry-no cost assembly. Evaluation the manufacturer’s guidelines. Preserve in thoughts, it is considerably less difficult to install the new faucet prior to you transfer the self-importance into put. Numerous cabinets are made with an open up back again for straightforward entry.

Stage five: Install Faucet

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Install Faucet

Put the new fixture down by the countertop holes, tightening the mounting nuts underneath until eventually the fixture is firmly in put.  Connect the raise rod. Normally abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Stage 6: Seal Drain Flange

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Seal Drain Flange

To get a good seal between the basin and the drain flange, roll plumber’s putty into a four-inch lengthy worm and wrap it all over the underside of the flange. Then put it in the sink basin and tighten up the nut and washer underneath. You want the seal limited adequate to squeeze a bit of putty out. As soon as it is secure and limited, wipe away extra putty applying a rag.

Stage 7: Secure New Vanity

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Secure New Vanity

Our self-importance is freestanding, so we moved it into put in excess of the current plumbing. Make guaranteed your new self-importance is amount and flush towards the wall. If it is not, just incorporate a compact wooden shim in an inconspicuous location to right the difficulty. Then, secure the self-importance applying the supplied screws fastened into a wall stud.

Stage eight: Reconnect Plumbing

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Reconnect Plumbing

To finish the faucet installation, reconnect the drinking water source strains. If they’re worn or rigid, replace them to avoid future leaks. Upcoming, reinstall the P-lure. Use plumber’s tape all over the threaded openings to make guaranteed you get a limited seal.

Stage nine: Take a look at and Caulk

How To Update Your Vanity and Faucet - Test and Caulk

With almost everything reconnected, turn the drinking water source back again on and check out out the new fixture. Be guaranteed to look at underneath for any drips. If there are leaks, basically tighten all the joints, as needed.

At last, caulk the place the countertop and/or backsplash meets the wall to create a watertight seal.

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