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HushMat HSM30300 1″ x 20′ Quiet Tape Shop Roll

Price: $19.81 - $13.00

One sided self-adhesive foam tape used in thousands of applications in the car, garage, office and home. HushMat quiet tape is used to secure wires, harnesses and cables to prevent vibration, rattles andunnecessary maintenance. Simple to use – cuts with scissors and just peel and stick. HushMat’s incredible adhesive technology makes this product a must in every tool box. Even better – you can unwind the tape after use and reuse it without loss of adhesion! You can’t do that with duct tape or electrical tape! You end up throwing away three times as much of these tapes as you use.Super easy to install!
Stops loose wires and cable from rattling
Adheres to any metal, fiberglass, plastic and fabric surfaces
Thermal instulation from -30 Degree F to +300 Degree F
Sound deadening

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