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Qty (2) Rear Window Lift Support, Struts C16-08260 C1608260 19.7″ Gas Prop, Force 60 Lbs Per Prop, Force Per Set 120 Lbs

Price: $26.99

High-strength steel and aluminum alloy hydraulic system components provide excellent mechanical durability and lift characteristics. Polished, nitride-surfaced piston rods resist rust, corrosion and wear, while advanced elastomer seals provide smooth operation and exceptional service-life.

Durable, application specific, high-strength steel or ballistic-nylon ball connectors are designed to handle the extreme demands of automotive applications. Our unique, two-stage hydraulic action reduces stress on body parts and strut mounts, while integral spring-steel connector retaining clips allow for easy, secure strut installation.

Accurate vehicle fitment

Reliable operation and long service-life

Unique two-stage hydraulic action

Quality design and construction

Easy installationExtended Length: 19.7″.
Compressed Length: 11.8″.
Force: 60 pounds of pressure.
Instructions Available When Needed for Easy and Safe Installation.
Make sure to measure your existing Lift Strut from center-to-center of the existing ball socket before ordering.

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