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Ryobi P102 18 Volt One Lithium Ion Compact Battery

Price: $33.83 - $31.79

Factory Warranties will only be honored if this product is purchased through an Authorized Seller. Ask the seller if they are authorized before purchasing.

The RYOBI® 18V ONE+TM System introduces lithium-ion performance at Ni-Cd prices. New and improved Lithium batteries are the very best value in lithium-ion performance. This new battery provides up to 20% more runtime, holds a charge 4X longer and is 45% lighter weight than 18V ONE+ Ni-Cd batteries at exactly the same price. Best of all, like all 18V ONE+ batteries, these new lithium-ion batteries work in every RYOBI 18V ONE+ tool ever made.Compatible with most ryobi one+ products

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